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Gaon Company, NuniQ Lights

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Nuniq wide rgb LED

The Ultimate Lighting Solution for Your Aquarium


Welcome to the GAON Company’s planted aquarium LED lighting project. Our brand "NUNIQ WIDE LED"  is a full RGB high spectrum aquarium lights that give you the ultimate lighting solution for your aquarium. It enables the amazing natural growth of your aquarium plants and see the unseen beauty of your aquarium more vividly.

With its wide electric circuit board ensure the wide range of wavelengths of 400-700nm and full light spectrum all over your aquarium more balanced way with maintaining low heat.

It's high thickness aluminum dark titan LED home makes the difference. It is very strong and absorbs the heat efficiently that makes your aquarium cool and fresh.

It’s full RBG LED color mixture shows the real beauty of your aquarium and its full spectrum full brightness ensure the photosynthetic process for your plants.

NUNIQ LED is the real decor of your aquarium. Our LED is energy efficient, environment-friendly and fit your budget.

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