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Ulsan, Republic of Korea


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Gaon Company, NuniQ Lights

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NuniQ Hanging Brackets


  • ​Heavy duty aluminium brackets

  • Stainless steel hanging wire with bracket holder

  • Grip the lights safely

  • Awesome design

  • Works for all types of hanger( best look with NuniQ hanger)

  • Easy to handle

  • Usable only for pendant type lights

Package includes:

  • Hanging Bracket 2EA

  • Hanging Wire 2EA

  • Wire Clip 2EA

NuniQ Main Legs


  • Adjustable in both sides upto 9CM each side

  • Fit for all types tank regardless of glass thickness

  • Perfect height 

  • Made by high quality ABS plastic

NuniQ Wire Switch


  • Metallic switch

  • Smooth design

  • Easy to up & down control

  • Auto gripping system

  • Best fit for NuniQ hanging stand